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Sharon O’Carroll

Complementary Therapist

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Meditation & Visualisation
I can guide and perform as a once-off or as regularly as required - something that can be adapted to surroundings and needs.
Visit SoundCloud and look for Hands On
On-Site Massage
Fully clothed, all that is needed is a chair, the client and the therapist!
The treatment lasts between 10 to 15 minutes - depending on the employer - and involves a brisk, enthusiastic massage to the shoulders, neck and head.
Immediately after the treatment the client (employee) may feel relaxed - a perfectly natural reaction to their muscles having been stimulated - but after a drink of water and 10 to 15 minutes later, the client will feel refreshed and invigorated.
Self Awareness & Wellbeing
Sometimes we all need to be reminded who the most important person in our lives is. Us. We can nourish our bodies and stimulate our minds, but can still be disconnected. By taking time to pause; checking in on our ‘spirit’; we can check-in on what we may be neglecting - from our hobbies to friendships or simply down-time. A gentle ‘lecture’ in the skill of self-appreciation can be given after meditation to any group - large or small.
By merely reminding ourselves of how important this is, it can create a more mindful and kinder environment....

Corporate Wellness


Corporate Wellness is a description that encompasses everything with regard to company well-being - from management to staff  - both physically and mentally.


When management question how their staff are performing; a review of same can sometimes reflect that, though salary increases are welcome; this is not always possible across the board, and sometimes a once-off (or more regular engagement) can be a reward, as well as a physical and mental break, and can be the morale boost that is sometimes needed.