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Indulgence: Two hours, €120
Enjoy the combination of full body massage with essential oils and Manual Lymph Drainage Facial while your therapist incorporates meditation or visualisation techniques to enhance the experience. This luxurious treatment will leave your body relaxed and rejuvenated – all the while allowing your mind to rest....
Escape: One and a half hours, €100
Combine the effects of a soothing and relieving back, neck and shoulder massage with essential oils and Reflexology which improves circulation, reduces fatigue and improves physical balance through gentle acupressure and massage of the feet.
Relax: 70mins, €80
This all-encompassing treatment is a full body massage to ease away stresses and tensions, incorporating sports techniques when needed, bringing harmony to both mind and body. Perfect treatment when you don’t know which part of your body is the most tense.....
Recharge: 45 mins, €50
A full back, shoulder and neck massage, incorporating sports techniques, designed to soothe and relieve aches and pains. Unique movements are enhanced with pure massage oils. Ideal for those who are desk or road warriors....
Mini Face Lift: 50 mins, €55
Manual Lymphatic Drainage Facial – using the most gentle touch and movement, this treatment encourages the elimination of toxins by enhancing the body’s drainage system. 10 sessions are reputed to be as good as a face-lift! One of the most soothing, relaxing treatments you will ever experience.
Indian Head Massage: 50 mins, €50
Indian Head Massage is a wonderfully invigorating treatment that stimulates the nerve endings that we neglect so much, those of our scalp, neck and shoulders. It is extremely effective for treating stress because it works on the areas of the body most affected- the shoulders and upper back, neck and head.
Reflexology: 45 mins, €45
This ancient healing art improves circulation, reduces fatigue and improves physical balance through gentle acupressure and massage of the feet. It is performed on the client whilst clothed, which makes it very effective for short treatments and for treating clients who are uncomfortable about undressing.

I hope you really enjoy your treatment.....
                                I don’t mind if you snooze.... it’s a compliment!
La Bella Beauty, Shanagolden

Nestled away from the hustle and bustle - La Bella in Shanagolden, Co. Limerick provides decadent, luxurious surroundings that make you feel as though you are treating yourself as soon as you walk in the door. Why not make that feeling a reality and book a treatment NOW? Marie and Lisa  are artistic perfectionists in every way – exactly what you want when you go to the Salon. To make a booking call 069 60826.