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By Leila Ericksen, FDZ Research Committee, Denmark

To determine the effect of reflexology on infertility 108 women under 35 years with no previous children, and that had attempted to become pregnant for more than two years were selected from 260 applicants. Forty-seven of the 108 withdrew. The remaining 61 women were given sixteen 45 minute reflexology treatments over a 7 - 8 month period. Treatments were given 2 times a week for 4 weeks, then 2 treatments before ovulation. Nine women (15%) became pregnant within six months after starting treatment. Of two thirds of the women who had menstruation problems 77% experienced an appreciable improvement, with the majority totally getting rid of the problems. Three quarters of all the women reported improvements in other ailments such as: muscle tensions, psychic imbalances, indigestion, poor circulation and general imbalance.
Subfertility/Menstrual Problems

When I first meet a client, we go through the consultation sheet. One of the questions asked is ‘Reason for Treatment’. This is rarely answered fully on initial treatment. As I get to know the person, and they me, I am sometimes privy to worries, anxieties and disappointments that people share with me. One of those is sub-fertility. While not a solution, I do feel that having Reflexology offers time and relaxation to the client and that should not be taken lightly when considering that trying to conceive can be one of the most stressful times in a couple’s relationship. Sometimes that stress and pressure can make us lose sight that the whole body needs to be in tune before it can host another human being. Sometimes the consultation sheet can be a gateway to the client noticing just how much they need to look after themselves. I was recommended to a client (by someone who felt that my treatments helped them conceive) and when I got to their home I spotted a ‘Sharing’ bag of crisps and a 2 litre of cola and admitted that was going to be her lunch as she was having a movie marathon that evening... Within weeks she was feeling better; being more body conscious and, happily, within months was blooming for all the right reasons... While I can’t say that it was just the Reflexology - perhaps the research article below can shed more light on possible outcomes.