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Sharon O’Carroll

Complementary Therapist

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Mary, a 35 year old teacher, had suffered from Candida for over 7 years and it manifested itself by severe discomfort, accompanied by reoccuring UTIs (Urinary Tract Infections). She had tried a yeast-free diet with varying degrees of success as she found it very hard to adhere to.


We agreed upon a 6 week course of Reflexology with Mary agreeing to keep a mental record of improvements or worsening in her condition as the weeks progressed.


(One of the first things that she noticed after the first treatment was that she developed a headache for about 30 mins but this cleared and she felt as though her head was lighter - even though this was not something that she had been conscious of before treatment).


As each week progressed, Mary noticed that her skin had become less sensitive - gradually week by week but eventually the most affected areas had totally cleared. Not only that, but Mary noted that her head felt clearer and her concentration had improved.


We completed the 6 week treatment but Mary has a top-up treatment roughly every 4 to 6 weeks and sees it as a preventative measure - a most enjoyable one!