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Sharon O’Carroll

Complementary Therapist

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The principle of Reflexology is that the body is represented in the feet (or hands). On the feet, there are points or zones which correspond to organs and systems of the body.  By pressing on one of these points, the corresponding organ in the body is affected.


For example, pressing on the tip of the big toe will cause a response in the brain and, vice versa, if there is a problem with the brain, the symptoms of this in the big toe.


This relationship, between a point on the foot and another part of the body is known as a reflex. Finger or thumb pressure on each of the zones is used to find the problem area.and then more pressure which helps the corresponding part of the body to heal.


Not only is Reflexology a relaxing treatment, (yet invigorating and refreshing our often neglected feet), it is one of the least invasive ways to treat all of your body.


Over the past few years clients have felt that their treatments have helped them with conditions as varied as Candida, Sub-Fertility and symptoms associated with Multiple Sclerosis.



When was the last time that your whole body was held in someone else’s two hands? Probably when you were just a few days old.


This ancient healing art improves circulation, reduces fatigue and improves physical balance through gentle acupressure and massage of the feet.